NEW! The Chiller Sleeves

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Introducing our brand new Chiller accessory - the Chiller Sleeve! 

*Please note The Chiller is sold separately. Get sleeves for only $10 when you order together with a Chiller from the Chiller product page! Or, if you would like to order custom designed sleeves for your company, school, or team, please visit our Promotional Chillers page

We heard your feedback: you wanted a convenient way to carry the Chiller by itself without a bag, and asked for cool patterned designs to wrap your Chillers. So, the Chiller Sleeves were born!

Check em' out:

  • The Sleeve features two handles, making it easy to transport the Chiller plus any beverages inside. Easily carry it in your hand or sling it over your arm if your hands are full. It's never been simpler to bring your Chiller anywhere!
  • The neoprene material composing the sleeve wrap adds extra insulation to the Chiller, extending its freeze duration!
  • And best of all, sleeves come in various styles to suit your mood. Choose between the 'Liberty' and 'Chill Vibes' variations today and stay tuned as we release more throughout the year!

 How to use your new Chiller Sleeve:

1. Remove sleeve from packaging

2. Slide the sleeve over the Chiller, matching the 3 circular holes to those on the Chiller

3. Load with drinks & go have fun!