The Chiller's Pack

The Chiller, insulated in The Chiller’s Pack, is an intelligent, liberating cooling system built to enhance your weekend. Whether you’re hiking up a volcano or packed in the crowd at a festival, the insulated construction keeps your liquids cold. You'll stay hydrated on-the-go, drinking hops, grapes, or H2O!

Our innovative elastic-paneled design expands to hold a Chiller, and the zip-off back panel makes both refilling a hydration bag and grabbing a beer a breeze. Feel free to let loose and maximize your chill; your valuables will be secure in a discreet zippered compartment built into the bag.

The Chiller's Pack makes a great companion for your weekend adventures - we can't wait to see all the cool places you'll take it!

*Chiller is included unless specified below.

Ocean Dusk
Dust Storm
Midnight Glimmer
Special Edition
Include Chiller?
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What Makes This Product Chill

  • Sizing It Up 6.5" W x 13" H x 5" D
    Weight Class Featherweight. 1.2lbs
    What We're Made Of Canvas exterior with insulated interior compartment and brown leather trim
    Team Players Fits 1 Chiller, or a hydration bag plus sweatshirt, water bottles, etc.
    Highlight Reel Ultraportable. Whether you're hiking, festival-going, running, cycling; any adventure outdoorsing, this Pack's got your back!
    Color Options Enjoy black, canvas, camo, and 2 custom-designed prints to choose from!