The Chiller

Cold Drinks. No Ice. The Chill.Systems Chiller is the greatest ultraportable beverage cooling system known to man. Cold drinks in half an hour, still ice-cold 6 hours later. It's like a refrigerator on the go!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Pop your Chiller in the freezer
  2. Freeze it for 6 hours
  3. Take Chiller out and fill it with drinks
  4. Chill time (at least 30-60 mins)
  5. Enjoy your cold drinks!

*For advanced chilling, add new drinks to The Chiller as you consume them ;)

**This item is Chiller only - check out our pack combos! 


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What Makes This Product Chill

  • Sizing It Up 10" L x 5" W x 5.5" H
    Weight Class Lightweight. 2 lbs / chiller.
    Materials Hard plastic interior filled with freezing fluid, wrapped by molded EVA cups & insulating exterior.
    Fitment Pack: 2; Mini: 1. Anywhere else you'd cool drinks probably fits too.
    Portability ULTRA. Take this chiller anywhere for cold drinks on the go!
    Color Options Glacier White or Icicle Blue

The Chiller Effect