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Chill Systems products are more portable than traditional coolers, and best of all - they don't require ice! We strive to enhance the ‘chill’ moments in life with convenient and versatile products for the outdoor adventurer.

We are a team founded by Google and Apple alumni who wanted products that make unplugging from the digital lifestyle and getting outside so simple that we never had an excuse not to do it.


Notable Press

Chill Systems in Inc. Magazine
“If the cage is too small, climb out” 

Chill Systems in Digital Trends
“Both packs cut quite the stylish profile”

Chill Systems in Unfinished Man
”The new portable cooler everyone needs”

Chill Systems in Craft Brewing Business
“Ultimate, ice-free way to keep beverages cold”

Kickstarter Campaign

Chill Systems was originally funded on Kickstarter, and raised $53K from 473 Backers.

The Chiller
“Hard core cold pack for your adventures”

The Chiller’s Pack
“It’s like a backpack refrigerator for cold drinks”

The Chiller’s Tote
“Practical and fashionable”

Press Inquiries

For any press inquiries please send us an email at .

Please also check out our Press Kit for hi-res images and additional information for Chill Systems.

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