About Us

We strive to enhance the chillest moments in life by building modern and versatile products for your many adventures.

Our products are designed with 21st century use cases in mind. Now your cooler needs no ice, and you can easily carry it on your journey, no matter where your day takes you.


Chase Mitchell
Chief Executive Chiller

Born and raised in Southern California, Chase has always been drawn to chillin'.  From his infant days, there was never a greater joy than those carved out moments, kicking back with not a care in the world, letting the good times roll.  These were the defining moments in Chase's life, and shaped him through adolescence and adulthood.

Some moons ago, Chase graduated from USC with a degree in business, a minor in web tech, and an acute fascination with the creation of chill vibes.  This began a relentless pursuit to understand just what made vibes so chill.  A cold beer on a hot day.  A perfectly stocked tailgate party.  Loud music outdoors with your friends.  Laying in a hammock sipping a tropical drink.  Through the years Chase has meticulously cultivated this knowledge, amassed over many good times, to bring to you the very best systems for enhancing all of life's chill moments.  



Brian Bloch
Chief Financial Chiller

Brian's roots are in the heart of Georgia, where the smells of pine trees and southern barbecue reign supreme.  Through a love of basketball, music and an unforgiving curiosity to explore, Brian found his way to Los Angeles as a young adult questing to drive his destiny.  

Precisely one thousand sixty-one days before the inscription of this bio, Brian departed from USC with a double major in business and accounting, with a concentration in Scotch.  A true Sagittarius, Brian has traveled to six continents investigating the nuances of the human condition - the similarities that bind us and the facets that reflect our individuality.  Through this journey Brian has uncovered that the most treasured experiences are not found on your own but rather crafted with the people you love... and bringing along cold drinks always helps!



Many moons ago, two swashbuckling young gentleman attended a musical gathering in San Francisco. The townsfolk gathered in a beautiful park, despite the unfortunate limitations in the beverage cooling technology of the day. The ice trade had not yet come to San Francisco, and the fine patrons of the gathering had no choice but to quench their thirst with drinks at the temperature of mother nature's choosing. Thus the two young gentlemen set out to liberate their peers from the perils of drinks that do not fully quench one's thirst! In the generations that passed, their descendants continued their work, but came up empty on breakthrough solutions.

Flash forward to the 21st century, when the descendants of these two gentlemen have finally made the pinnacle breakthrough in cooling technology. They too attended a musical gathering in a San Francisco park. There people had a different problem - too many beverage cooling options with one big melting ingredient - ice. "Carry a bulky cooler, and fill it with frozen water" they said. "Get two bags of ice because they will be half melted by the time you load the cooler" they said.

In a modern day miracle, the gentlemen channeled the intention of their ancestors into their work. Their creation, combined with the proliferation of household freezers and fun in the sun, has opened the door for a new age. An awakening for chillers everywhere. They have created a device: one you may easily tote on any adventure. A means to provide all of the comforts of a nice cold one in a park, with none of the hassle. You can say goodbye to your heavy ice chest and its sad friend melted ice (Rest In Puddle).

So it was decreed from this day forward, that the people shall be free to pursue the chillest vibes and enjoy the coldest drinks, no matter how formidable the terrain may be. From sunny beaches to mountain trails and golf courses to grassy parks. Wherever your day takes you, you deserve to have your chill moment. And so, to all our fellow patrons - cheers!