November 29, 2018

Hey Chillers!

The moment you've all been waiting for... rewards will begin arriving next week! 

All Chill Systems gear has landed to our fulfillment center and has begun processing. Over the next few days they will be boxing it all together and getting it shipped out to you. US based customers can expect their gear in 3-5 business days from ship date, and our international patrons just a few days more. 

Thank you all again for supporting our journey. We are incredibly excited for you all to get your hands on the very first Chill Systems products!

When your items arrive, we would love to see you with them! Share a photo with us on Facebook or Instagram via our handle @chillsystems. And anytime you're out enjoying the great outdoors with your brand new Chiller, feel free to tag us for a feature on our social pages! :)

Cheers to you all,

Chase & Brian